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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the bay area overnight. as you mentioned, more the on the way. >> yep, snow in the sierra continued to fall over the weekend. it was cold and white up there. we want to bring in meteorologist steve paulsen there with a look at this next system. and steve, yeah, it was snow, then rain, all the white stuff and wet stuff went coming down on my way home last night. >> that's a good thing. >> it was a good thing. i was happy to see it. not complaining. it was a slow ride. >> well, that's usually the case on sunday anyway. claudine, bryan, we do have more rain here. this was the type of rain for much of the russian river. knock bay, marin county. for others, there's hardly any. you get that southeast breeze, and that can take some of the available moisture away from it. san jose with only .01. 2.76. and oakland, 1.15.
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napa is happen inch now. season athe rosa. sfo only a third of an inch. san jose a .01. it's been cloudy, windy and cold. for some, the rain is going and going. the steady light rain and the next thing you know you pick up heavier rain. that will sweep in later today. one to two ifer the north way. a half inch to an inch and a half. coastal hills and wetter locations could get two out of three out of this. the moisture is going to plow in here and give us steady rain. fortys and 50s on your temperatures. could be breezy to windy at timeso. a tonight will be a bigger event as that rain begins to move in. that will get widespread rain to everybody. all right. 5:01. we do have wet roads out there. normally you see a lot of crashes there. there have been a fair number of spin-outs that the chp has dealt with. a few spots where they have roadway flooding, but thus far, no major back-ups to
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report. that is the good news. that's the holiday week, so you expect that traffic will be relatively light today. not as many people going to work. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. highway 24 and la fayette. all of those taillights. those are the folks heading westbound on 24 heading toward the inner east bay and everything looking good on that ride this morning. we will show you the maps here. this is what it is going to look like in the south bay. you are looking pretty good at 5:00. going through the peninsula and the city, everything looks great coming not 101 to the downtown area this morning. 5:02 is the time. we'll isn't it back over to bryan. >> -- we'll send it back over to brian. we are learning more about the family from gilroy killed in t plane crash. the plane took off in reed hill airport
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in san jose. janine dewill vega joins us now. what can you -- dewill vega joins us. >>reporter: the names of the victims may be officially released later today. the mercury news is identifying them as a husband, a wife, and their three small children. the paper is identifying them as jason price from gilroy. he was the pilot of the plane. his wife, olga and their two daughters and one son. now, they took off in a single engine piper pa 32 from reed hill view airport in san jose on saturday afternoon. they were headed to henderson, nevada which is the city next to las vegas. when witt was traveling over bakersfield, the pilot started experiencing problems. the -- experiencing problems. the pilot started contacting air traffic comp troll to say there was an emergency. >> air traffic comp troll. may day, may day, may day. >> what is 402 staying mayday, mayday, mayday. >> number 402.
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bakersfield airport. 1:00 n. one mile north westbound. air traffic comp troll was directing the pilot to the closest airport, but there was no response. the crash site was found in an area where the pilot declared the emergency. debris was spread throughout baker justen field. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. there was light rain in the area at the time. pilots reported icing conditions at higher altitudes. but it is not clear o if weather was a factor in this crash. >> thank you so much for that update. new this morning, police are investigating a bad ruin l shooting. it happened shortly before 2:00 this morning in the parking lot of club caliente. four people were hit by gunfire. they were take on the the hospital and are expected to be
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okay. so you far, no arrests have been made. one person is dead and 30 others injured after a woman drove her door into a crowd on las vegas strip. it happened outside the paris hotel and casino. police don't think it was terrorism but also don't think it was an accident. the driver has been arrested. it looked like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straightforward. there were were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle and they couldn't get to her. they were yelling stop, stop. >> and a three-year-old mild was also in the car and was not hurt. a richmonday neighborhood is back to normal after people living there to be evacuated. a pipe bomb found in the home in the 5500 block of mcbride avenue. the man who owns the home was arrested. police had received a tip that kelly bill of indictment an explosive device and he made threats towards muslims. officers evacuated several homes near mcbride as a precaution. the walnut creek police bomb squad was called in to detonate the device. it appears that kelly was acting alone and
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that his verbal threats against muslims were not specific. >> in general, this is kind of a general threat. and you know, as always, we take all these threats very seriously and that is exactly what they did. they took tips and ran with it and this is what they found. >>reporter: police searched the rest of the property for other explosives but found nothing. people were allowed to return home about 6:00 last night. >> the family of mario woods. may not qualify u. according to the san francisco -- will not be reimbursed unless the district attorney's office decides to charge any of the five officer who is open fire on him with a crime. usually, victims of gun violence can receive up to $5000 from the state for funeral expenses. he is not considered
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the victim upheave cream. woods was killed earlier this month when office you are -- officers said he refused to drop a knife he was carrying. imagine waking up and finding a man standing over you as you slept in your bed. police say it happened, and this morning, they are looking for the man responsible. police released a surveillance photo of the suspect. they say early yesterday morning, the man forced his way into an apartment on beverly drive where a couple was asleep. the man woked up to find the man standing over them. she started screaming and the man thread. -- fled. the suspect described as a latino man 20 to 30 years old and a medium to heavy build and possibly a small goatee. police believe he took off in this white two-door sedan. they say the man was also seen trying to get into several other apartments. well, if you are getting ready to head out of town this week, you're going to have a lot of company.
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the travelers will top 100 million for the first time in hissty. more than 691 million will travel by car and almost 6 million will fly. the travel agency says one in three americans will take a trip 50 miles or more from home. that is a 1 but 4% increase from last year. hitting the roads this holiday is cheaper than it's been in more than six years. the american automobile situation says the national average price is $2 a gallon. that is 41 cents cheaper than it was christmas week last year. california gas prices are higher than the national average. they look pretty good. san francisco drivers are paying $2.76. in oakland, and san jose $2.56. and a pane in i cheaper. all those prices down more than a dime from last christmas. thousands of bay area families won't have a traditional holiday feast. that is because the crab season is still on hold. the slatest tests show the crabs still have levels of the
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neurotoxin acid remain hyper than federal safety standards. for many people, in is the first year they can remember where there will be any local crab for christmas. some people are getting around that by buying crab from northern washington state, but it's two or three times the usual price. experts a is -- say the best hope is crab season could open some time next month. on the east coast, the lobster is from europe. that have is because of the price. the stronger u.s. dollar is making it more expensive for europeans to buy lobster imported from maine. lobster is a christmas tradition in france, italy and spain. shipments of lobster are down more than 30% so far this year. well, weir earn -- we're learning new information about a bomb scare from a flight to partis. in 20 minutes, what officials are say egg about the device that was discovered onboard. >> the winner is. up next, the embarrassing mistake at this year's miss universe pageant that had the host apologizing repeatedly.
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>> plus keeping an eye on a rainy commute out there for most folks in the bay area. you can see the roads are wet causing a few issues. no major problems just yet. that is the good news. this is the richmond ridge bridge. we will show you other spots around the bay area you might want to keep an eye out for coming up. >> we're in one of those patterns where north bay, also the peninsula, san francisco and the santa cruise mountain can say get a lot of rain. san jose not much. we'll take a look at the break-down coming up. is
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. we have breaking news out of afghanistan. six soldiers were killed outside a suicide ai tack. an attacker rammed a group of eight troops as they patrolled a village. thal ban has claimed responsibility for this attack. belgian police at a raid overnight in brussels and arrested two people who have a connection to the paris terror attacks. belgian authorities are expected to provide some information sometime today about the people arrested. and it may be a holiday week, but the politics continue on the presidential campaign trail. the republican candidates are bouncing on comments made by hillary clinton in the democratic debate over the weekend. >> we are finally where we need to be. we have a strategy and a
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commitment to go after isis which is a danger to us as well as the region. >> clinton's communication director quickly tried to clarify that the former secretary of state was referring to the vote at the united nations security council on friday endorsing a syrian peace process. >> she was referring to is the fact that we were in a much better position in terms of deal being siyria and the political transition that we hope to see there from the u.n. security council voting on flammable liquid to start a new process on a transition there. >> and we see dead bodies in paris and dead americans in san bernadino and now she's saying now we are exactly where we want to be. >> the iowa caucuses are now just six weeks away. among republicans, ted cruise is the newton-- frontrunner in iowa with 40%. ahead of donald trump's 31% and marco rubio's 12%. time now is 5:14. the talk of the newsroom. the miss
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universe pageant took an awkward turn after host steve harvey announced the wrong winner. >> colombia. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe, 2015 is philippines. >> again, you saw there, miss colombia was already wearing the crown waving to everybody when harvey took to the microphone again to apologize. he said he read the card incorrectly. >> this is exactly -- exactly what's on the take responsibility for this. it was my mistake.
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it was on the card. horrible mistake. >> wow. he also said quote nobody feels worse about this than me. last year's miss universe had to remove the crown from miss colombia and then placed it on the head of miss philippines. now, harvey later went on twitter saying quote here, i would like to apologize wholeheartedly to miss colombia and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible. secondly, i would like to apologize to the viewers i disappointed as well. again, it was an honest mistake. i don't want to take away from this amazing night and pageant as well as a wonderful -- the wonderful contestants. they were all amazing. i will say that he is taking own en-- ownership. >> he is. and really, there's nothing you can say to make that better. it's just -- it's just a hard, awkward, terrible. you feel terrible for miss colombia and everyone just
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handle it as well as they could. >> it is the talk on social media this morning. no question too. >> a little bit brutal. 5:16. but traffic isn't brutal, right, al ex? it looks pretty good. >> no, traffic is not nearly as brutal as that. that is hard to watch. i feel bad for everybody involved. traffic is looking pretty good although i have one issue that we are tracking hoar in the east bay. we will get right to that and show you on the maps what we are talking about p. we're talking about a crash that is right here. westbound 80 and as you can see there, causing a bit of a back-up here as you are trying to head toward the mays and the toll plaza this morning. keep that in mind as you head out the door. chp deal being that crash right now trying to get it all cleared out of the way. bear that in mind. westbound 80 at gillman. i want to show you the golden gate bridge and show you what you are going to be in for as you come across the golden gate from marin county into the city. you can see more and more folks
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starting to make that road ride along those slick roads r. keep that in mind. you want to take it slow as you head out the door today. all right, we're going to go over to oakland and this is 8 o 80 going past the coliseum this morning. that is also a very nice ride. no major trouble spots. but still even though the rain is not coming down hard, we may get some strong reshapers at some point in the morning. so always a good idea to be careful. 5:18 is the time. what we can expect weatherwise throughout the day and the week. >> looks pretty wet. not only this morning. not for everybody. this kind of a pattern. rushing river, marin county and santa cruise mountain. that steady rain can get the old rain gauge to click along. two reports of mill valley. two and a quarter to two and three quarters. there are reports of two to
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three. santa cruz mountains over two. san francisco. 1.43. he's almost lost them. the official site at mint hill. oakland 1.15. santa cvs -- rosa. sfo. and .012. that's it. it's cold down in san jose. an active pattern. a very wet pattern. steady rain this morning and fog. and it's not-ry. when it is steady, it can add up. everyone will get in on the heavy rain. this evening into tuesday morning. we have rain today into tuesday morning. kind of a break wednesday, but it will be a more showery pattern. -- -- rain returns. an inch and a half to three certainly possible or more in the north bay. and then around the bay area, an inch to a half an inch to about an inch and a half.
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winter storm warning is out. starting at 10:00 a.m. that is a mix of rain and snow. that's going to turn later on. it looks like snow. now it's more of a light rain and snow. that's all going to turn to snow as we get that cold air. a lot of this is below the radar. i draw your attention to the moisture funneling in. fortys and 50s. the breeze might bring some of these upper 50ist to low 60s. take a look at that. that is as good as it gets for us in a long time. maybe since last december. cloudy and damp. heavier rain comes in. that damp can add in big time. if you don't have the rain, it's probably pretty cold. and today, tonight, tomorrow, it will be wet. somewhat of a break on wednesday. more rain on thursday, and then just darn cold as we go into christmas and the weekend.
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maybe another system around the 28th. >> how are your work-outs by the way? >> saturday was work-out number 99. i get my tee shirt with 100. >> get there today. >> there's a few things going on this week. >> there's only 30 minutes. come on, you can do it. >> i will. >> you know. >> what do you have, bryan? >> something like that. ninety-three. it's a lot tougher for me to go. >> wow. >> you it's a lot tougher for him. i didn't know. >> the best athlete of the bunch is sitting over there, claudine. >> 9900. 5:21. new rules go into aeffect for people who own a drone. coming up in ten minutes, what you know now have to do before those drones can take flight. >> but first, we all know it is the most anticipated movie of the year. how well did the force awakens really do at the box office
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this weekend? we'll tell you coming up after the break.
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time now is 524 timtism. all public schools in new hampshire are closed today after a district received a threat of violence. seventeen schools in total are closed as a precaution. state and federal officials are still trying to determine the
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credibility of the threat. >> we're going to do everything we need to do to determine it's safe to be in our schools. >> the school district has not said what the threat was but it came in an e-mail. classes will resume tomorrow. , theoshiba plans on cutting thousands of jobs. the total of 6800 jobs are expected to be slashed throughout the company. toshiba projected a net loss of $4.5 billion. the cuts will affect the pc, consumer, electronic and video product businesses. toshiba is in trouble because it operates and did e commissions the nuclear power plant which experienced melt-downs after the 20 # 1 tsunami. one of nasa's work forces is making new discoveries including one very appropriate. the hubble space telescope captured the awakening of what scientists call a newborn star.
5:26 am
and scientists say the stars sent out jets of light that resemble a light saber from star wars. i can see that. they say the hubble telescope captured the images that could lead to new information about the formation of the galaxy. hubble launched more than 25 yores ago and is expected to continue working at least through the next ten years. speaking of star wars, the force awakened broke records at this weekend's box office. >> i have it. my sister has it. >> we have it re in the newsroom as well talking about the force. the movie brought in $238 million making it the biggiest north american debut of all time. the previous record was set this past summer by jurassic world which pulled in nearly $209 million. one analyst says the seventh film of the star wars franchise could pull in $2 billion by the end of its run. amazing. well, do you have a package
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you need to ship? up next, the reason you might want to do it today if you want to get it there in time for christmas. >> the wet weather is having an affect on your morning commute. how long it's going to affect your morning drive and how long this wet wepter is going to last.
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♪ ♪ spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. oh, boy. >> happy birthday to you.
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>> thank, you everybody. thank you so much. >> happy birthday. >> welcome back. >> thank you back to mornings on #. i'm bryan floor residence. >> it is not my birthday. but here is your birthday present. it's going to be wet today. steve paulson is dancing over there. >> he is? >> no, i'm not. >> no, he's not. >> i'm dancing for joy because we are getting the rain. >> and look at that. >> and both our birthday us are in december. >> that's right. and he can celebrate. >> and he didn't dance for maine. >> i did. i did. >> cloudy. the rain is a really wet pattern for russian river, marin county. san francisco, maybe oakland. and santa cruz. for others, east bay, south bay, not so much. it will eventually get rainy for everybody as a really deep plume of moisture moves in here.
5:31 am
what you get sometimes can be it just keeps going and going and going. peach that is what we have going. i have seen this pattern. i have seen this before. an inch and a half to three. a half inch to an inch and a half for others. everything else is flowing right out of the gulf of alaska and head right towards us. we're already set up. antioch, brentwood, and pittsburg. do not see that all the time. we have that today. the moisture will continue to roll in. the heavier rains to the north. what you are getting along with a rather robust breeze for some. it's out of the south/southeast. this moisture is going to be with us for the next 24 howevers. cloudy and damp. a light steady rain. heavier rain comes in tonight. that is when everyone will get in on our rain party. that light steady rain for many can stack up to a couple of inches of rain. near 50s to low 60s by the mere fact that we get that southeast
5:32 am
breeze. 5:31. anything new or is it kind of light so far? >> we are dealing with a couple of issues. we're going to let folks know about a few mobs -- problems we are tracking here at the east bay this morning. we have a couple of accidents and we want to let you know about them. there is an accident on 80. on 80 westbound here blocking the two left lanes and you might be able to tell there is a bit of a back-up building there as folks head toward the maize this morning. also here on this same map, we have a traffic hazard of some kind that is right here on the bridge or maybe the incline. i guess you could say about a half mile west of the toll plaza. also westbound 80. that is causing some back-ups too as you head across and up the new bay bridge into san francisco this morning. so a couple of trouble spots that you're going to want to keep in mind. obviously, the roads are wet. we'll show you what things look like right there at the toll plaza. it is beginning to get busier
5:33 am
and busier. a lot more folks making their way into san francisco. you saw the situation beyond the toll plaza. that will tend to back things up at the toll plaza. we'll go to 6808 southbound coming through the sanole area there down into freemont and traffic flowing very smoothly this morning. no issues there and no problem it is you are going to make your way into the south bay this morning. they are free of any crashes in that area. we will keep tracking it with those slick conditions out there. 533 is the time. claudine, back over to you. >> all right, thanks so much. drivers may want to give themselves a little e at that time because of the wet roads. we have ktvu fox 2 out in berkeley in the rain. it started coming down a little harder. how far are things looking? >> things are looking a little but better now than they were an hour ago. with e have soment of that sprinkle
5:34 am
and on and off rain that steve was talking about a minute ago. alex was talking about that accident on i-880 at gillman street offramp area. we are just one exit away from there. we can show you the aic -- the effect that traffic has hah. alex told you about that. we watched the crews came and cleared that accident. >> who are expecting water- related indents. the word is out for all drivers. anybody commuting or doing any kind of holiday travel to take it easy. go slow. leave a lot of extra time on your drive. we have also heard about some incidents about blocked drains and flooded roadways so that is another potential hazard for people to be aware of. at this time, traffic moving fairly
5:35 am
smoothly along i-880. it is significantly heavier than about an hour ago. the morning commute is starting to pick up. we're seeing the after effects of that accident at the gilman street onramp area. an accident going westbound on i-880. so clearly, definitely a morning for anybody who is going to be driving to leave extra time and also bring your patience and make sure that you are aware and courteous of the drivers around you as well. everybody is trying to deal with this rain the same way that you are. >> i think it's that patience, chris man. -- christian. people start going around each other. they start speeding up or not leaving enough room and that is when the problems start; right? >> absolutely. that is wannest reasons why chb reminds everybody to leave at extra time and be patient and understand that other people may be are impatient. you you have to be patient for them. >> defensive driving. thanks so much for that report. time is 5:35. the man accused of buying the assault rifles used
5:36 am
in a san bernadino terror attacks is scheduled to appear in court. marquez is expected to enter a plea to three charges inflammable court. a judge also will determine whether to hold marquez on bond pending trial. he's charged with conspiring to provide material support for terrorists for abandoned plots in 2011 and 2012. he's charged with buying the rifles the shooters used in the san bernadino attack and visa fraud stemming from his marriage to a russian woman that prosecutors say was a sham. he faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted on all of those charges. a man has been detained in connection with a fake bomb found on board an air france flight over the weekend forcing it to make an emergency landing not kenya. all 459 passengers and 14 crew members were taken off the plane and questioned.
5:37 am
that was after what a passenger found what looked like a bomb. >> this device is not capable of creating an explosion or damaging an airplane, battiest was a device with a timer so it was indeed a false aall right. -- alarm. just last week, an air france flight from san francisco to paris was also diverted to montreal after an anonymous bomb threat. and there were two other bomb threats on air france flights no november. all of this, of course, following the terror attacks in paris that killed 10 people back on november 13th. well, starting today, drone operators will have to register their devices with the faa before they can lift off legally. the rule applies to most recreational drones. people will need to sign up by february 19 millionth. there is a registration fee of $9. it will be waived for the next month. new information after the study shows an increasing number of studies with drones flying near jets or airports with more than 300 incidents in the last year. it's estimate police department 1 million drones will be sold by the end of the holiday season u. a man who worked as a youth
5:38 am
pastor has been arrested on child molestation charges. contra costa say they took 34- year-old, ifabriel lopez into custody on december 10th. two girls reported that lopez molested them. girls were pa. o a student ministry program. that is the same church where lopez worked as a youth pastor for four years and march of this year. detectives are asking any potential victims to contact them. the investigation continue this is morning on a student who died at a fraternity house at uc berkeley over the weekend. someone found the 23-year-old man's body saturday morning at the pi kappa pe , ifi house. paramedics tried to revive that student but were unsuccessful p. investigators are calling the death suspicious and looking into a cause. this all happened as students were heading home for the winter break. hundreds of people exposed to tb in santa clara county will have to spend months being treated. about 350 babies and their parents might have been exposed
5:39 am
at the mother and infant care center. all babies born in the hospital from august to november will be required to take a daily oral antibiotic treatment for six to nine months. well, it's being called a miracle. two boaters were rescued after their boat capsized on folsom lake leaving them in the water for hours. this happened on friday note. now, chp says two men, a 59- year-old and an 88-year-old were in an aluminum boat dredging for a plane that crashed in the 1960s. that is when the boat overturned. the chp says the men tried for two hours to right the boat but the 88-year-old man fell unconscious. the other boater pulled the man ashore and ran for help. both are expected to be okay. for them to be in the water for an hour is amazing for them to still be in the conditions that i are in. that's usually not normal. it's very cold. >> this was the first attempt
5:40 am
to cover the plane by someone other than officials for capability to do so. they advice that no one should try that in the future. more water conservation changes will be on the way. state water regulators are expected to pose changes to the current mandate that requires everyone to reduce their water usage. than is because targets they set in place for a local water agencies will expire in february. after the proposal, the public will have about two weeks to comment, and then a formal proposal is expected in january. governor jerry brown extended his executive order which gives real laters authority to enforce conservation measures through october 2016. that is if california still faces a trout which we likely will. time now is 5:40. if you still have holiday gifts to send, you're running out of time. the u.s. postal service says today is the cut-off for priority flat rate packages to be delivered by christmas. but after that, your last option is priority mail express. your packages just might get there by christmas eve if you mail them by the 23rd. but it's going to cost you more skull
5:41 am
the -- skip the post office and use the agency's click, print, and ship service. the u.s. postal service expects to process more than 550 million packages. well, happening today, st. anthony's in san francisco needs your help this christmas. the group will be collecting hams, canned goods and socks today. you don't have to get out improv you are cooer to donate. curbside at 9:00 this morning. you can donate until 1:00 on christmas eve. the food will help feed thousands o f people this year. san jose sake let heart services will hand out holiday food boxes to tips and families in need. the organicisterrization plans to hand out 7200 boxes of food this year and 18,000 toys for 6000 kids. there was an unusual but very adorable sight over the weekend. take a look. this wild sea otter decided that the
5:42 am
monterry bay aquarium's great tide pool was the perfect place to give birth. look at her give a little smooch to her baypy. the new mom hung out there all day cuddling with her baby. delighting visitors and staff. congratulations to her. time now is 5:42. a travel rush is on to get home for the holidays. coming up in 30 minutes, how much you can expect to pay at the pump as millions of people hit the roads. but first, this is going to be a white christmas in the sierra. you can see it. up next, a look at the latest round of stormy wealther and how long it's expected to stay. we are looking at a wet morning commute. the roads are thick around the bay area today. we'll show you about a couple of trouble spots especially if you are trying to make your way from the east bay into san francisco. we have a heads up for you coming up. well, this kind of a pattern can be cloudy and cold and windy.
5:43 am
livermore to san jose, but for others, it can rain and rain and there's a lot more rain on the way. take a -- -- -- totals.the toe tams.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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skiers and snowborders are pretty excited. >> that's you? >> yeah, that was me right there. the best conditions in the sierra in a very long time. >> the snow has been falling steadily with snow levels down to 4000
5:46 am
feet. the forecast calms for at least two more rounds of snow heading into christmas day. a fun run for skiers in the high sierra where there's a new blanket of fresh powder. >> it's like christmas come early. >> this storm just a dust being a few new inches of snow is no drought buster by any means, but every little bit helps. >> what is the best thing about today's weather conditions? >> that is it -- it is the complete opposite of last year. >> last year, we had one good day of skiing. that's it. the year before, nothing. this is fantastic. it's great. it hasn't been like this? four years. >> a winter-like wonder land. the new snow brings high hopes. >> we have 15 inches. we're about 139 inches today. a couple few more storms. we'll probably reach what we have all of last season and here it is only december 20th. >> the only hard part is
5:47 am
getting here. the chain controls in effect much of the day near kingvale. >> hey, go forward. >> that is where this airforce family from texas discofferred they would need to chain up to get better traction. >> we're not used to this in texas. >> no, not so much. >> pull your mask down. >> but back on the slopes, skiers. >> it's not super crowded. it's fresh snow. it's not too windy i. not too cold. >> i don't think i have ever skied in these conditions. >> that was mike reporting. the snow pack just about 80% of normal compared to where it should be this time of year. >> you way saw a lot of people heading up there. >> the drive back was kind of long; right? >> i will say.
5:48 am
>> you expect that in the winter. you have driven up in the snow. i have gotten trapped in the car for hours. spoiled on four years of drought and that end. you drive up the clear rods. this is part of the winter traffic. >> and a price you have to pay; right? >> absolutely. you earn it. you earn the trip up to the sierra. a lot of people are going to be willing to pay that price. we have one big issue on the bay bridge. i think you're going to want to know about this. you see the back-up womenning. this is on the eastern span of the bay bridge headed westbound into san francisco. and this is all because of a stalled car that is blocking the number three lane. you have a back-up through the maize. and chp trying to get that stalled car out of the way.
5:49 am
that is. >> it let's take a look at. >> all the taillights and good folks heading west on 24 through the la fayette area. this morning, finally we will take you down and show you what things look like on the san mateo bridge. >> a lot more people making that drive despite the fact this this is a holiday week. we are seeing lighter traffic patterns which is the good news. the roads are wet. that you mean more accidents. a lot of folks slipping and slides. doesn't look like it's raining at this moment in time.
5:50 am
>> this is a very wet pattern. you can get steady rain all morning long and i mean by that for the russian river, many,arin county. parts of napa county as well. san francisco. the peninsula, skyline. down the santa cruz mountains at santa cruz. livermore, san jose. if you have thibles, it's a cold pattern. the heavier rain will slow up later on. everyone will get in on that. the winter storm warning starts at 10:00 a.m. a mix of rain and snow. and this is what is on tap for us. this is. >> that almost give rain to everybody. until then, the toe tams have been crazy. >> san francisco. 1.43. napea has had about an inch of rain. santa rosa is 86,100ths. san jose, .01. he'll make up
5:51 am
something later on today. it's an active pattern and the moisture is streaming in here. so a steady rain. foggy as well. the. >> a little bit of a break on wednesday. very cold air for thursday. inch and a half to three inches in t north bay. if you are heading out to the sierra. and 10 to 20 inches. easily there could be more of that. the breeze is the big thing. southeast. if you are stuck in that, that could be a cold pattern. >> off and on rain. some of it is light. east and 60s on the temperatures. look for an active pattern and
5:52 am
a very wet pattern for some as we go into tonight. tuesday, a break wednesday. the next system thursday. it does look okay on friday. christmas, but cold. >> cold. >> >> we'll keep an eye anorthite. >> you better. it was a soggy sunday for the raders and the 9ers. we'll have the highlights or low light it is you will coming up after the break.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
well comb back. a new twist. two officials have been suspended for eight years from all soccer-related activities. fifa's ethics committee has banned the f ifa president and his one-time protege. now, the committee ruled that the president broke code of ethics rules on conflicts of interest, breach of loyalty, and offering gifts. and his protege broke rules on conflict of interest and loyalty. the men have promised to appeal any sanctions leveled against them. well, the raders have been officially eliminated from play-off confession tension. derek karr threw two touchdown passes. that gave a 14-0 lead. the raders did come back and lead 20-17. at one point, he threw one of his two td passes to amari cooper in the third cooper p. james jones caught the go ahead touchdown who went on to win 30- 20. the next game against the charm charger
5:56 am
is on christmas eve. well, the niners have a four and ten record for the first time since 2007. after losing to the bengles. the game was scoreless, but a fumble lead to the bengle's first touchdown. there it is goes. and right before halftime, and bounced off and into the hands of a bengle and that lead to another cincinnati score. they did go on to win 24-14. miners play the detroit lions on the road on sunday. one southern california neighborhood isment jammed with holiday traffic. jams again this year as big crowds head to one special street. several neighbors spend weeks setting up a display of red, gold, green, and similar very every year. they spend days preparing for the able attraction. that, as you can see, it looks like a theme park. it includes a surfing santa, ninja turtles, a lifesize grinch and thousands and nows of christmas lights. and now, of course you you remember you want to see your holiday photos. >> that is my favorite one. >> those are my favorite.
5:57 am
>> these are some that we have received so far. probably crying because they saw me on the news. post yours on instagram folks using the #ktvu, holiday. each day on mornings on 2 at the 9:00, we will chose our favorite to showcase on the ktvu instagram page. >> all right. good pictures. all right. crab may be off the menu for the holidays, but there is some hope. up next, the silver lining for shoppers and when fischerman can start catching them again. we're learning more about a gilroy family that was killed in a plane crash over the weekend. we will have the latest coming up in a live report.
5:58 am
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well, grab the umbrellas and the rain jackets. more wet weather has arrived in the -- arrived in the bay area. how long it is expected to stick around. people are bouncing off the front of the car. the windshield was smashed at this point. >> chaos along the las vegas strip after a driver crashes into a group of people. one person is dead e. dozens more in the hospital. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. all right. and we want to take you
6:00 am
right outside this morning. take a look at the wet cam -- camera that is trying to show you the wet roads on this bridge right now. a very soggy start to our holiday week. and we need that rain. take extra time. welcome to mornings on 2. it is monday, december 2 social security. and bryan floor residence. let's get a quick look and weather and traffic. and check out the rain. it is here. >> there's going to be a lot of rain here. it's already for some. not for all. claudine. >> i have some shopping i still need to do. if you can clear that up for just a few hours of dry, maybe. >> wednesday. >> wednesday, too late. >> this is a very dry pattern for say antioch, livermore, san jose and extremely wet from the santa cruise mountains to san francisco, marin county and especially the russian river. it will all turn though. there is heavier rain on the way and that will filter in for everybody. for some, there's


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